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I know that every videomaker is seeking great music for his/her product. And I understand that a lot of you want to get decent income from it. That’s why I decided to provide you, guys, with  “No Copyright Music” – background tracks that you can use in Youtube videos without “copyright claims”. Since “Music Without Copyrights” almost does not bring me any income, I decided to take a small creating fee to cover the costs associated with creating music tracks, so that I could make more “Music Without Copyrights” for you. To access and download all the tracks, you must become my patron on this site.

How it works?

Patreon is not a store. Here, people help people like me create new content or just support the authors. My patrons help me create new content / music tracks.

Every month I create several new music tracks and my patrons pay for new tracks that I will create. When I get support from my patrons I have time and possibilities to create 4-5 new fresh music track for next month. And you can download new music constantly for a long term.

When you become my patron, you will have access to messages where you can download all the “Music Without Copyrights”. You can use “Music Without Copyrights” for your videos or other projects.

Here is what you get:

BASIC tier: If you join for $4 per month, you get all the music tracks in MP3 format. I will create 3-4 new music tracks every month.

MAXIMUM tier: If you join for $8 per month, you get all the music tracks in MP3 format. I will create 3-4 new music tracks every month. You will get a direct link where you can download all music trackswith one click. And you will receive additional versions of the tracks and hi-quality .wav file.


  • Use: You can use all the music tracks on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, websites, social media, TV and radio shows, video games, gaming, applications and more.
  • No Copyrights: All music tracks do not have copyright. This means that you will have no copyright issues on YouTube and other sites.
  • Monetization: You can monetize your videos on YouTube and on other sites. This means that you can earn income from your videos on YouTube and other sites.
  • No need to buy licenses: You do not need to buy licenses every time you upload new videos on YouTube and other sites, for that you just need to be my patron.
  • Unlimited Use: You can unlimited use music on YouTube and and other sites.
  • Unlimited Creation: You can create an unlimited number of videos on YouTube and other sites.
  • Commercial: You can use music tracks for commercial purposes on YouTube and other sites.

Become a Patron!

Thank you for supporting me on Patreon!

Being my patreon you allow me to great “Music Without Copyright” constantly.
The more people join, the more I can create. Now I can create 4-5 tracks of “Music Without Copyright”  every month.


Why do I need this “Music Without Copyrights”?
You need this because the most music track are have Copyright Rights and you can’t use it without Copyright Claims on Youtube. Using my “Music Without Copyrights”  you will have no problems with copyrights and you will be able to monetize your videos on YouTube and other sites. It also means that I will not upload this track to YouTube’s Content ID, so you won’t receive any copyright claims.

I have a question, where can I write to you?
If you have questions or problems, you can check the FAQ or contact me via email:

Become a Patron!